My Top Musky Lures Of All Time

Last updated on August 1st, 2019 at 03:20 pm

While we primarily fish for salmon on our charter boat, we do also thoroughly enjoy the occasional musky fishing. As a seasoned Canadian musky fisherman, I like to fish for Musky during the spring, summer and fall months. Many people ask me what musky lures to use in which season, and what are the top musky lures in my opinion that I use on a regular basis. In Canada, lures are not quite as prevalent as in the States. So in order to provide some assistance to you I have listed what I believe to be some of my favorites for each season.

top musky lures of all time

My Top Musky Lures For Spring

Ahh springtime, the best time for catching muskie in my opinion. In Canada, we relish springtime, as the winters can be long and cold. When we talk about spring in Canada we typically are speaking about late May and June. The top musky lures for spring in my opinion are one of four categories: Jerk bait, Crank bait, spoon lures, and topwater lures. You can get a good explanation of the different musky lure types at

Muskie in spring tend to be near the surface and therefore will chase these 4 types of my top musky lures. This is not to say that other lures will not work, however in my experience these are the most effective musky lures for spring. Also, look for locations in the water with thick vegetation or weed growth, as these provide optimal places for tiger muskie habitats and shallow waters tend to warm quicker which also provide good places to catch muskie in optimal conditions.

My Favorite Muskie Lures For Summer

Bucktail lures my favorite muskie lures for summer months due to the high activity level of muskies during this season. Another top musky lure for the summer is the spinnerbait. These are great for catching muskie buried in weeds trying to stay out of the warm summer sun. Topwater lures are another top musky lure for summer months. On windy days, and in morning and evening, muskie tend to be near the surface ready to be snagged by these lures. When fishing in Canada, make sure that all of these are in your box, ready to be called on as needed.

The Best Musky Lures For Fall Tiger Muskie

Fall is a great time in Canada to go fishing for Tiger muskie and muskie in general. My experience has taught me that my favorite and top musky lures for fall are jerkbaits. As temperatures begin to fall and winds begin to increase, heavier jerkbaits fit the bill as the weeks draw closer to winter in Canada. Muskie in the fall tend to gather in groups in areas where large concentrations of weeds are prevalent. Many times the biggest battle you will face during this season is keeping yourself warm. Bring the necessary gloves, coat and headgear to keep you warm and up to the task of musky fishing in fall. If you stay motivated, many of my best catches of muskie over my many years of fishing have been during this season.

Best Musky Lures Of All Time

With so many options to pick from, it’s hard to say what are the best musky lures of all time. Among the most popular are bucktails, spinnerbaits, and top water baits, like the whopper ploppers. Any of these baits should serve you well, but finding the best musky lure to use depends on many factors, such as temperature, time of day, time of year, and water depth. Our best advice, really, is to just keep trying different baits until you find ones that are working for your given conditions.


Hopefully, this information will help you in your pursuit of the monster muskie, and I have helped you in arming yourself with the top musky lures to get the job done.

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